Embedded Financing Solutions
For Digital Economy Platforms

Launch financing products within your platform
in days, not months.

Digital Economy Platforms

Add Financing-as-a-Feature within your platform


Utilize our no-code, low-code, and API-driven solutions


Access full-service backend support powered by Emerge

Product Suite

Cash Advance


Give the creators or merchants on your platform the opportunity to access growth capital based on their earnings. Configure your branding and parameters to fit your business model.

Invoice Factoring

Accelerate cash flow for your creators by transforming their pending invoices into instant capital through invoice factoring.

Coming Soon

Purchase Order Financing

Assist your merchants in completing orders promptly by providing access to capital, guaranteeing order fulfillment and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Coming Soon

Spending Cards

Provide your creators with a spending card that allows them to handle expenses and make payments using the funds advanced to them.

Coming Soon

Earn Revenue For Each Advance
Made Through Your Platform

Our dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for monitoring your earnings, advance activities, and more.

Provide financing to creator-led businesses operating on your platform

79% of SMBs struggle to get financing.Get Started

Provide Cash Advances up to $100K

One flat fee, no APR or interest

Automatic fixed payments over a 3-12 month term

Built For All Types Of
Creator Platforms!

Versatile financing solutions
for digital economy platforms

Online Education
Digital Services
Brand Deals

Full Service
Embedded Finance

Emerge provides a comprehensive suite of features to support the implementation of financing products.


Emerge offers comprehensive compliance support, managing AML, KYC, fraud, and other regulatory requirements necessary for operations.


Emerge provides specialized underwriting solutions tailored to match your business, helping to streamline the decision-making process.


Emerge manages all service needs including the distribution of capital, repayments, and any assistance required throughout the life cycle of each advance.

Implementation Options

No Code

Launch your financing solution effortlessly - just add your branding and create a URL for your creators to access. No technical resources required.


Implement a branded widget on your website with a single line of code to draw creators to your new financing solution.


Custom-tailored APIs and SDKs designed to match your scale and growth, providing full control and adaptability to meet your unique requirements.


Emerge is an embedded finance platform that provides a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to the specific requirements of businesses within the creator economy. Emerge is a technology company, not a bank.

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